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Flower Arrangements


Mixed vases, containers and basket arrangements

Start at $25 to $45 for small

$35 to $75 for average size

$70 to $150 for large

Size, kind of flowers and upgraded containers account for the difference in price.  Upgrades can include nicer containers, ornaments, novelty butterflies, etc.


Roses arranged in a standard vase with greenery, filler and bow:

A dozen is $65, 1/2 dozen is $40, 3 roses are $20, and 1 rose bud vase is $10


Carnation arranged in a standard vase with greenery, filler and bow:

A dozen is $40, 1/2 dozen is $30, 3 blooms are $12, 1 bloom is $6.


Wrapped with greenery, filler & water tube:

Roses $6.00 first + $4.50 for each additional stem

Carnation $4.00 first + $2.75 for each additional stem

Daisy $4.50 first + $3.25 for each additional stem




To care for cut flowers, keep them at room temperature or cooler, between 36 and 68 degrees is best, the warmer they are the quicker they will fade.  Keep them out of the sun and away from heat vents or other heat sources.  Once or twice a week cut the stem ends off, 1/4 to 1 inch, you can judge by how discolored it is; then put them in fresh cool water.  flowers take up water around the outside of the stem, right under the 'skin', so it's important to keep that tiny area clean.

To substitute for commercial cut flower food; in 2 cups water add a scant teaspoon of sugar and one or 2 drops of chlorine bleach.  You can use a little soda pop (not diet) in place of the sugar - the flowers are nourished by the sugars and the chlorine kills the bacteria in the tap water.

If your flowers are in wet florists' foam, keep the foam well saturated with as much water as your container will hold.  The foam won't soak up water once it's allowed to dry out, so keep it full of water until your flowers are spent.  You can re-cut flowers that have been arranged in foam, but you have to put them back in a new hole, since the old one won't hold water anymore.  Another option is to re-cut the flowers and put them in a vase to enjoy the remainder of their time.



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